December 21, 2021 / Lauren Wilson

JW Marriott Graphic

The Iconic JW Marriott Indianapolis Graphic is Complete and Stunning

JW Marriott

The iconic JW Marriott Indianapolis has been branded for the 2022 College Football Playoff (CFP) National Championship coming to Lucas Oil Stadium on Monday, January 10. The stunning graphic includes the official event logo and can be seen from multiple locations around the city. The spine of the JW Marriott, which faces the south of Indianapolis, includes the official CFP National Championship Trophy and is a true sight to see on your drive into the city.

Here are some fast facts about the 2022 CFP National Championship graphic on the JW Marriott:

  • In total, it is approximately 55,000 square feet
  • The graphic is larger than the March Madness Bracket that covered the building in 2021
  • The graphic spans 29 stories tall
  • The decal material combined weighs a little over 5,000 pounds
  • Sport Graphics installed this beautiful graphic, which took approximately 200 hours to create
  • After production, Sport Graphics had 9 installers working for 9 full days to complete the project

See the full progress below.

JW Marriott 1

JW Marriott 2

JW Marriott 3